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Table 2 Genome Islands (GIs) predicted in L. sphaericus C3-41

From: Genome comparison provides molecular insights into the phylogeny of the reassigned new genus Lysinibacillus

GIs Containing ORFs Major Function Functional categories
GI1 Bsph1038 ~ Bsph1073 Cell wall/membrane/envelope biogenesis, Mtx2 Fitness island
GI 2 Bsph1085 ~ Bsph1110 cell division or chromosome partitioning Fitness island
GI 3 Bsph 1936 ~ Bsph 1953 Phage remnant Symbiosis island
GI4 Bsph2575 ~ Bsph 2615 Multiple classes, major in information storage and processing Fitness island
GI5 Bsph2815 ~ Bsph 2824 Mosquitocidal toxin Pathogenicity island
GI6 Bsph2913 ~ Bsph 2922 Lipid transport and metabolism Metabolic island
GI7 Bsph3179 ~ Bsph 3195 Mosquitocidal toxin Pathogenicity island
GI8 Bsph3265 ~ Bsph 3275 Poorly characterized* unknown
GI9 Bsph3521 ~ Bsph 3538 Replication, recombination and repair Fitness island
GI10 Bsph4022 ~ Bsph 4035 Poorly characterized* unknown
  1. *Many CDSs have no matches to known function protein.