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Table 2 Genes with a growth defect at 43°C that were previously identified as essential

From: A new platform for ultra-high density Staphylococcus aureus transposon libraries

Category Gene locus Name
Cell envelope SAOUHSC_01154 sepF [29,31-34]
  SAOUHSC_01359 mprF * [31,33,34]
  SAOUHSC_01627 putative lipopprotein [29,31-34]
  SAOUHSC_01739 lytH [33,34]
  SAOUHSC_01759 mreC [31,34]
  SAOUHSC_02319 rodA [31,34]
  SAOUHSC_01827 ezrA [29,31-34]
  SAOUHSC_02337 murA [33,34]
  SAOUHSC_02571 ssaA [29,31-33]
  SAOUHSC_01361 lcpA * [31,34]
Protein folding SAOUHSC_01682 dnaJ [29,31-34]
  SAOUHSC_01683 dnaK [29,31-34]
  SAOUHSC_01684 grpE [29,31-34]
Other SAOUHSC_00803 ribonuclease R[31,34]
  SAOUHSC_00015 DHH subfamily protein [29,31,33,34]
  SAOUHSC_00892 general stress protein 13 [31,32,34]
  SAOUHSC_01751 ruvA [31-34]
Unknown SAOUHSC_00760 hypothetical protein [33,34]
  SAOUHSC_00788 hypothetical protein [31,33,34]
  1. *mprF aiso annotated as fmtC, and lcpA also annotated as msrR.