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Table 4 Presence and expression of putative virulence factors in ST40 E. faecalis isolates

From: Comprehensive molecular, genomic and phenotypic analysis of a major clone of Enterococcus faecalis MLST ST40

Putative virulence factor Putative function % of positive isolates Comment
Pathogenicity island    
asc-10 Aggregation substance 16.7 (7/42)  
cylM Cytolysin subunit modifier 33.3 (14/42) Expression of β-hemolysis in vitro
esp Enterococcal surface protein 78.6 (33/42)  
xyl kinase Xylose kinase 4.8 (2/42)  
gls24-like General stress protein 0 (0/42)  
gelE Gelatinase/coccolysin 100 (42/42) Expression of gelatinase in vitro
fsrB Accessory gene regulator B 100 (42/42)  
cps type 1 Capsular polysaccharide 100 (42/42)  
  1. Presence of putative virulence-associated genes (in italics) was examined by PCR. Numbers in bold represent percentage of positive tested isolates, calculated from the number of the positive genotypes versus the whole strain collection (in parentheses).