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Table 4 Validation of top differentially expressed genes in PTC, FTC and ATC with two independent datasets

From: Genome-wide expression analysis suggests a crucial role of dysregulation of matrix metalloproteinases pathway in undifferentiated thyroid carcinoma

Subtype Gene name Set 1-Validated Set 2-Validated
FTC ZCCHC12 yes yes
  PRR15 yes yes
  CA12 yes yes
  TENM1 yes no
  ARHGAP36 no no
FTC ADH1B yes yes
  DCN yes yes
  CCL21 yes yes
  CHRDL1 yes yes
  DPT yes yes
PTC GABRB2 yes yes
  HMGA2 yes yes
  PRR15 yes yes
  CHI3L1 yes yes
  ZCCHC12 yes yes
PTC PKHD1L1 yes yes
  TFF3 yes yes
  TPO yes yes
  DIO1 yes yes
  ADH1B1 yes yes
ATC POSTN yes yes
  MMP1 yes yes
  SPP1 yes yes
  TFPI2 yes yes
  VCAN yes yes
ATC DIO1 yes yes
  TSHR yes yes
  TG yes yes
  SLC26A7 yes yes
  TPO yes yes
  1. For this analyisis the 5 top overexpressed and underexpressed genes of our datasets was tested against two independent genome-wide gene expression databases (available in Additional file 4). The first column shows over/under-expression of each gene within our set; second column shows the gene names. Gene validation status (cols. 3 and 4) shows that 27 out of 30 relationships were consistent with our original analysis.