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Table 1 Top 10 age-group associated CpG sites from the regression model

From: Ageing-associated changes in the human DNA methylome: genomic locations and effects on gene expression

ProbeID Gene betareg estimate betareg p-value Δβ Wilcoxon p-value
cg16867657 ELOVL2 1.023 6.38E-66 0.243 1.53E-10
cg16762684 MBP -1.486 4.74E-64 -0.168 1.53E-10
cg11344352 ERCC1 -1.202 9.15E-63 -0.153 1.53E-10
cg17110586 na 0.895 1.46E-59 0.200 1.53E-10
cg04875128 OTUD7A 1.514 7.2E-58 0.279 1.53E-10
cg08262002 LDB2 -0.710 2.72E-55 -0.197 1.53E-10
cg18618815 COL1A1 -0.941 1.78E-52 -0.225 1.53E-10
cg00748589 na 0.864 1.36E-51 0.179 1.53E-10
cg15416179 MAP2K3 -1.131 2.38E-51 -0.187 1.53E-10
cg12065799 RRAGC -0.823 8.15E-51 -0.088 1.53E-10
cg23479922 MARCH11 0.940 4.07E-49 0.263 1.53E-10
cg07544187 CILP2 1.541 2.35E-48 0.252 1.53E-10
cg09038267 C10orf26 1.227 1.48E-47 0.150 1.53E-10
cg13033938 IP6K1 -0.699 7.54E-47 -0.061 1.53E-10
cg19283806 CCDC102B -1.253 9.82E-47 -0.267 1.53E-10
cg07547549 SLC12A5 0.900 5.02E-46 0.245 1.53E-10
cg01949403 APOL3 0.807 7.53E-46 0.111 1.53E-10
cg01243823 NOD2 -1.280 7.9E-46 -0.232 1.53E-10
cg22242842 na -0.952 1.99E-44 -0.206 1.53E-10
cg06007201 FAM38A -0.932 5.65E-44 -0.156 1.53E-10
  1. CpG sites with most significant association to age group in the beta regression models (betareg). To clarify, Δβ refers to difference in the median of DNA methylation values between nonagenarians and young controls (difference in β-value), whereas betareg estimate refers to the estimate obtained from a regression model termed beta regression. Thus the absolute value of betareg estimate and the absolute value of Δβ for a given CpG site are not directly comparable, only the signs of the values are.