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Table 4 Hypermethylation-specific GO process terms in nonagenarians

From: Ageing-associated changes in the human DNA methylome: genomic locations and effects on gene expression

GO term Description P-value FDR q-value Rank (out of 265)
GO:0048598 Embryonic morphogenesis 1.25E-22 8.85E-20 17
GO:0048729 Tissue morphogenesis 2.99E-19 1.64E-16 22
GO:0002009 Morphogenesis of an epithelium 6.94E-18 3.22E-15 26
GO:0001763 Morphogenesis of a branching structure 1.84E-17 7.65E-15 29
GO:0048754 Branching morphogenesis of an epithelial tube 1.26E-15 3.09E-13 49
GO:0048562 Embryonic organ morphogenesis 6.12E-14 1.1E-11 67
GO:0009887 Organ morphogenesis 1.13E-13 1.92E-11 71
GO:0035107 Appendage morphogenesis 2.17E-12 2.85E-10 92
GO:0035108 Limb morphogenesis 2.17E-12 2.82E-10 93
GO:0030326 Embryonic limb morphogenesis 7.07E-12 8.7E-10 98
GO:0035113 Embryonic appendage morphogenesis 7.07E-12 8.61E-10 99
GO:0048704 Embryonic skeletal system morphogenesis 2.25E-11 2.56E-9 106
GO:0048705 Skeletal system morphogenesis 1.04E-10 1.11E-8 113
GO:0048732 Gland development 2.37E-10 2.3E-8 124
  1. This table includes only the hypermethylation-specific GO process terms that form a common cluster, associated with development and morphogenesis. The presented p-values are unadjusted and the threshold for significance is 4.15e-6 (Bonferroni). The rank denotes the placement of a given GO term in the list of all significant GO terms. For all statistically significant GO process terms, see Additional file 5.