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Table 2 Genes discussed in the text correlated with sensitivity degree during cold storage (cluster k-means 2)

From: Pre-symptomatic transcriptome changes during cold storage of chilling sensitive and resistant peach cultivars to elucidate chilling injury mechanisms

Function specific process Chillpeach ID Unigene annotation Arab AGI Arab gene symbol Hormone signaling Sugar signaling/partioning Hormone and secondary metabolite biosynthesis regulation Cell wall and cytoesqueleton related Cell polarity
Aminoacid metabolism
Alanine and Aspartate metabolism PPN065C10 Putative aspartate aminotransferase AT1G80360 VAS1    Negative regulation of Trp-IAA and ET biosynthesis   
  PPN080E12 Putative aspartate aminotransferase AT1G80360 VAS1    Negative regulation of Trp-IAA and ET biosynthesis   
Cell wall related
Cellulose biosynthesis PPN046D09 Cellulose synthase-like protein CslG AT1G55850 CSLE1     SCW biosynthesis; hemicellulose biosynthesis  
Hemicellulose biosynthesis PPN036E12 Glycosyltransferase AT4G36890 IRX14     SCW biosynthesis;hemicellulose glucuronoxylan biosyntheis  
Hemicellulose degradation PP1002E04 Alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase/beta-D-xylosidase AT5G49360 BXL1     Pectin metabolism;trim b-xylan and a-arabinan side groups from the RG I.  
Pectin degradation PPN041B11 Polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein AT5G06860 PGIP1     Inhibition of degradation of the polygalacturonan  
  PPN047G10 Polygalacturonase-like protein AT4G23500       
Pectin methyl-esterification PP1004E01 Putative pectinesterase AT2G26440       
  PPN001F02 Pectinacetylesterase family protein AT5G23870       
  PPN066B05 Ripening-related protein-like AT5G51520       
UDP-L-arabinose, UDP-galacturonate and UDP-xylose Biosynthesis PPN062D06 UDP-arabinose 4-epimerase 1 AT1G30620 UXE1/MUR4   Sugar signaling   Arabionoglactan biosynthesis  
Protein degradation
Protease PP1004E07 Putative serine protease AT5G67360 SBT1.7/ ARA12     Indirectly affects the pectin methylation status of mucilage and/or the primary CW  
  PPN009E02 Cysteine protease 14 AT4G35350 XCP1     SCW biosynthesis; postive regulation of thacheray element differentialion  
RNA transcription regulation
LUG-family PP1003C09 STY-L protein AT2G32700 MUM1/ LUH     Control mucilage production and extrusion  
  PPN076D05 Transcriptional corepressor LEUNIG AT4G32551 LUG AUX signaling regulator    Control mucilage production and extrusion  
NAC-family PPN054B06 No apical meristem protein-like AT4G28500 anac073/ SND2     SCW biosynthesis; postive regulator of lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose biosyntehsis  
WRKY-family PPN059A06 WRKY 13 AT2G37260 TTG2/WRKY44    Anthocyanin/PA polimerization regulation mucilage production regulation  
Secondary metabolism
Anthocyanin metabolism PPN007E12 Anthocyanidin 3-O-glucosyltransferase AT3G50740 UGT72E1     SCW biosynthesis; lignin biosynthesis  
Carotenoid metabolism PP1005H08 Zeaxanthin epoxidase, chloroplast precursor AT5G67030 ABA1/LOS6/ZEP ABA biosynthesis    Mucilage production regulation  
ET biosynthesis PPN004H06 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 1 AT3G61510 ACS1    ET biosynthesis   
Phenylpropanoid metabolism PPN025B05 Cinnamoyl CoA reductase AT1G15950 CCR1/IRX4     SCW biosynthesis; lignin biosythesis  
  PPN053B11 Cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase AT4G37980 ELI3-1/CAD7     SCW biosynthesis; lignin biosythesis  
Sterol metabolism PPN012F12 Delta(14)-sterol reductase AT3G52940 FK/ HYD2 AUX and ET crosstalk; regulate AUX transporters localization in PM lipid microdomain formation and in the secretion machinery.    Cellulose, callose and lignin, VN development Polar targeting of proteins to the PM;Lipid microdomains
  PPN063B12 Helix-turn-helix AT4G37760 SQE3      
Terpene metabolism PPN068G10 Beta-amyrin synthase AT1G78950 BAS      
Signal transduction pathway
ABA signaling/ Ca signal transducer PPN069F09 Putative serine/ threonine protein kinase PK11-C1 AT4G33950 OST1/ / SRK2E/ SNRK2-6 ABA Sucrose metabolism regulation    
ABA signaling/ ABF phosphorylation PPN010B11 Serine-threonine protein kinase AT1G78290 SNRK2.8/ SRK2C ABA sucrose signaling    
Phosphorylation cascades/ metabolic switch PPN054E02 AKIN beta3 AT2G28060 KINβ3 ABA sucrose signaling    
Trafficking machinery and membrane dynamics
ER to Golgi PP1003D05 Root hair defective 3 AT3G13870 RHD3/ GOM8 AUX, ET    Required for CW biosynthesis and actin organization Cell polarity regulation
Sphingolipid metabolism PPN021D05 Similar to alkaline ceramidase AT1G07380     Ceramide biosynthesis/ degradation   Polar targeting of proteins to the PM;Lipid microdomains
  PPN031D01 similar to alkaline ceramidase AT1G07380     Ceramide biosynthesis/ degradation   Polar targeting of proteins to the PM;Lipid microdomains
AUX efflux to the apoplast PPN070B12 Multidrug resistance protein 11 AT3G28860 PGP19/ MDR11/ ABCB19 AUX transport     
AUX transport into ER PP1004E09 Auxin Efflux Carrier family protein. AT2G17500 PILS5 AUX transport     
  PPN075H08 Auxin Efflux Carrier family protein. AT5G01990 PILS6 AUX transport     
Carbohydrate transport PPN046B03 Sorbitol transporter AT3G18830 PMT5/ PLT5   sugar partioning and homeostasis    
Cooper transport PPN040A04 Copper transport protein-like AT5G59040 COPT3      
Ion transporter activity PPN016B02 Senescence-associated AT2G17840 ERD7      
Metal-ion transport PP1005G08 Metal tolerance protein C2 AT3G12100 MTP5      
  PPN007G12 Metal transporter Nramp3 AT2G23150 ATNRAMP3      
Oligopepetide transport PPN029A02 Putative peptide transporter AT3G01350       
  1. Abbreviations: AUX: auxin; ET; ethylene; ABA: Abcisic acid; PM: plasma membrane; CW: cell wall; SCW: secondary cell wall; ER: endoplasmic reticulum; MVB/LE: microvesicular body/late endosome; TGN/EE: trans-golgy network/early endosome; VSR: vacuolar sorting receptors VN: vascular networks; PA: proanthocyanines; PIN; PIN formed auxin efflux carrier; RG:rhamnogalacturonan; XyG: xyloglucan.
  2. References supporting information in Table 2 are provided in Additional file 8: Table S7.