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Figure 5

From: Whole-genome analysis of Fusarium graminearum insertional mutants identifies virulence associated genes and unmasks untagged chromosomal deletions

Figure 5

Sequence coverage line graphs of characteristic differences at the genome level for the three DAF mutants compared to the control strain PH-1 top-1 (TP11.1). Average numbers of sequence reads per 100 bp interval were mapped to the wild type reference genome. Top panel, DAF139 partial chromosome 1 deletion event. Middle panel, DAF140 partial chromosome two deletion event (open triangle). Bottom panel, DAF141 partial chromosome four deletion event and twofold amplification of a 1.25 MB region (A) downstream of the deletion event. The open triangle (∆) in each DAF mutant plot indicates the position of the loss in genomic sequence. For each mutant, the corresponding chromosome in the PH-1 top1 mutant (TP11.1) is depicted as a control.

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