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Table 1 Pacu de novo transcriptome metrics

From: Characterization of the transcriptome of fast and slow muscle myotomal fibres in the pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus)

Parameters Slow skeletal muscle Fast skeletal muscle
Reads 704,550,985 765,658,497
Reads assembled 521,568,496 665,042,497
Contigs 504,065
Contig mean lenght (bp) 1,334
N50 (bp) 2,772
Contigs Annotated 232,637
Unique genes 15,000
Paralogues 406
Differentially expressed genes 3,473 2,458
Annotated Pathway 314
  1. N50: The value was computed by sorting all contigs from largest to smallest and by determining the minimum set of contigs whose sizes total 50% of the entire transcriptome.