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Table 1 Collection number, origin, bioproject and accession number of the 21 newly sequenced strains

From: Mutations and genomic islands can explain the strain dependency of sugar utilization in 21 strains of Propionibacterium freudenreichii

Number in CIRM-BIA collection (Rennes, France) Number in actalia collection (Rennes, France) Locus_tag Isolated from (date) Bioproject Raw reads accession number
9   PFCIRM9 Emmental cheese (1989) PRJEB6427 ERS638416
118   PFCIRM118 Gruyère cheese (1973) PRJEB6428 ERS638410
119   PFCIRM119 Gruyère cheese (1973) PRJEB6430 ERS638409
121   PFCIRM121 Swiss cheese (1937) PRJEB6431 ERS638414
122   PFCIRM122 NCIB (1992) PRJEB6432 ERS638421
123   PFCIRM123 Morbier cheese (1992) PRJEB6438 ERS638423
125 ITG P14 PFCIRM125 Emmental cheese (1992) PRJEB6434 ERS638418
127 ITG P18 PFCIRM127 Emmental cheese (1992) PRJEB6435 ERS638428
129 ITG P20 PFCIRM129 Emmental cheese (1992) PRJEB4826 ERS638425
134   PFCIRM134 NA PRJEB6441 ERS638419
135   PFCIRM135 ewe raw milk (1994) PRJEB6442 ERS638422
138 ITG P9 PFCIRM138 Emmental cheese (1992) PRJEB6433 ERS638424
139 ITG P23 PFCIRM139 Emmental cheese (1992) PRJEB6436 ERS638426
456   PFCIRM456 raw milk Raclette cheese (1992) PRJEB6445 ERS638427
508   PFCIRM508 Gruyère (1973) PRJEB6429 ERS638411
512   PFCIRM512 raw milk Morbier cheese (1994) PRJEB6439 ERS638413
513   PFCIRM513 egyptian ras cheese (1995) PRJEB6440 ERS638415
514   PFCIRM514 hay (1994) PRJEB6443 ERS638417
516   PFCIRM516 nepalian yack cheese (2000) PRJEB6444 ERS638420
527   PFCIRM527 Fribourg cheese (1992) PRJEB6437 ERS638412
1025 ITG P1 PFCIRM1025 Emmental cheese (1992) PRJEB6446 ERR738371
  1. All sequences and annotations are now publicly available. They were deposited in the EMBL database and can now be retrieved using the Bioproject accession.