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Table 1 Strains sequenced in the current study

From: Extensive intra-phylotype diversity in lactobacilli and bifidobacteria from the honeybee gut

Strain Species 1 Genus Bee gut phylotype 2
Bma6 B. coryneforme/B. indicum Bifidobacterium Bifido-2
Bin2 B. asteroides Bifidobacterium Bifido-1
Bin7 B. asteroides Bididobacterium Bifido-1
Hma3 B. asteroides Bifidobacterium Bifido-1
Hma11 L. apis Lactobacillus Firm5
Bma5 L. helsingborgensis Lactobacillus Firm5
Hma8 L. melliventris Lactobacillus Firm5
Hma2 L. kimbladii Lactobacillus Firm5
Biut2 L. kullabergensis Lactobacillus Firm5
Hon2 L. mellis Lactobacillus Firm4
Bin4 L. mellifer Lactobacillus Firm4
  1. 1Species descriptions were recently published for the Lactobacillus strains in [30]. For the Bifidobacterium strains, the closest relative (based on the 16S rRNA gene) is indicated.
  2. 2The “Bifido” group was further divided into subgroups, based on the core genome phylogeny (Figure 2).