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Table 3 CRISPR-cas systems 1

From: Extensive intra-phylotype diversity in lactobacilli and bifidobacteria from the honeybee gut

Group Species/strain CRISPR classification 1 Number of spacers per region
“Bifido-1” Bin2 I-E 94
Bin7 I-E 81
Hma3 I-C2 63
B. asteroides I-E 146
“Bifido-2” Bma6 NA NA
B. coryneforme NA NA
B. indicum NA NA
“Firm-5” L. apis Incomplete3 5
L. helsingborgensis (region 1) II-A 9
L. helsingborgensis (region 2) Incomplete4 9
L. melliventris II-A 32
L. kimbladii II-A 91
L. kullagergensis II-A5 20
“Firm-4” L. mellis NA NA
L. mellifer NA NA
NA6 B. actinocoloniiforme I-E 80
  1. 1Classified according to [101].
  2. 2Frameshift in gene Cas3.
  3. 3 cas9 gene present on plasmid, fragment of cas9 gene on chromosome.
  4. 4No cas genes, repeats are identical to region 1, but the spacers are different.
  5. 5Frameshift in gene csn2.
  6. 6 B. actinocoloniiforme is a Bifidobacterium species closely related to the “Bifido” phylotype strains, which was isolated from the bumblebee.