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Table 1 HS1011 data sources

From: Assessing structural variation in a personal genome—towards a human reference diploid genome

Data Type Resolution Source
WGS Illumina HiSeq NGS 48X 100x100 bp paired-end [26]
WGS Illumina Nextera NGS 2X 100x100 bp 6.5 kbp mate-pair inserts Methods
WGS SOLiD NGS 3X 35 bp fragment 10X 25x25 bp paired-end 17X 50x50 bp paired-end [25,26]
WGS PacBio Long-Read 10X ~10,000 bp Methods
Agilent 1 M aCGH 1-million-probe oligo array [26]
NimbleGen 2.1 M aCGH 2.1-million-probe oligo array [26]
NimbleGen 4.2 M aCGH 4.2-million-probe oligo array Methods
Custom Agilent Exon Array aCGH 44,000 neuropathy-specific oligo array [26]
BioNano Irys Genome Mapping Single-molecule genome architecture Methods
Sanger-Validated Deletions Manual 42 fully resolved deletions Methods
  1. Previously published HS1011 data are indicated with literature references, and data new to the present work are described in Methods.