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Table 1 Sequencing statistics and general characteristics of C. resedifolia and C. impatiens plastome assembly

From: Plastome organization and evolution of chloroplast genes in Cardamine species adapted to contrasting habitats

  C. resedifolia C. impatiens
PE reads with a Q > 30 650335 (315 bp*) 847076 (325 bp*)
Type of Assembler de-bruijn Graph de-bruijn Graph
K-mer used 63 63
Number of scaffolds 36 48
Reference species Nasturtium officinale Nasturtium officinale
Assembled plastome size 155036 bp 155611 bp
Number of genes 85(79unique) 85(79unique)
Number of t-RNA 37(30unique) 37(30unique)
Number of r-RNA 8(4unique) 8(4unique)
Length of IRa and IRb 26502 bp 26476 bp
Length of SSC 17867 bp 17948 bp
Length of LSC 84165 bp 84711 bp
  1. *Number in parenthesis indicate the insert size of the PE library.