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Table 4 Over-represented biological pathways detected within the more highly expressed gene subset identified in somatic embryos

From: Global scale transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis embryogenesis in vitro

Biological pathway Probability
Cell Cycle, Mitotic 1.10E-39
DNA Replication 2.50E-16
Endoreduplication and Alternative cell cycles 3.30E-13
Cell Cycle Checkpoints 9.30E-05
Pyrimidine metabolism (KEGG) 3.10E-04
Purine metabolism (KEGG) 1.90E-02
Cytokinins-O-glucoside biosynthesis (AraCyc) 2.50E-02
Cytokinins 7-N-glucoside biosynthesis (AraCyc) 2.50E-02
Cytokinins 9-N-glucoside biosynthesis (AraCyc) 2.50E-02
Anthocyanin biosynthesis (AraCyc) 2.60E-02
Sucrose Biosynthesis 2.80E-02
Methionine degradation II (AraCyc) 2.80E-02
G1/S DNA integrity checkpoint 2.80E-02
Glucosinolate biosynthesis from homomethionine (AraCyc) 4.10E-02
Diterpenoid biosynthesis (KEGG) 4.90E-02
de novo biosynthesis of purine nucleotides II (AraCyc) 5.40E-02
Glucosinolate biosynthesis from tryptophan (AraCyc) 6.30E-02
Glucosinolate biosynthesis from phenylalanine (AraCyc) 6.90E-02
Sucrose degradation to ethanol and lactate (anaerobic) (AraCyc) 7.70E-02
Sucrose biosynthesis (AraCyc) 8.30E-02
Gibberellin biosynthesis III (early C-13 hydroxylation) (AraCyc) 9.10E-02