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Table 3 ChIP-seq data accession numbers

From: NF-κB and IRF pathways: cross-regulation on target genes promoter level

TF Cell line GEO Sample Accession
IRF1 K562 GSM935546
K562 GSM935504
K562 GSM935505
K562 GSM935549
IRF3 GM12878 GSM935651
HeLa GSM935570
HepG2 GSM935650
NF-κB GM12878 GSM935478
GM10847 GSM935527
GM12891 GSM935526
GM12892 GSM935285
GM15510 GSM935529
GM18505 GSM935282
GM18526 GSM935281
GM18951 GSM935531
GM19099 GSM935273
GM19193 GSM935279
  1. Accession numbers and cell line origin of data used for cross-reference with in silico results.