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Table 6 Genetic recombination in chromosome 6 of two virulent Cryptosporidium hominis subtypes

From: Comparative genomic analysis reveals occurrence of genetic recombination in virulent Cryptosporidium hominis subtypes and telomeric gene duplications in Cryptosporidium parvum

Specimen (subtype) Sequence characteristics
5′ end (cgd6_60) gp60 area (cgd6_1000-cgd6_1100) 3′ end (cgd6_5240-cgd6_5320)
30974 (IbA10G2) IbA10G2 IbA10G2 IaA25R3
37999 (IbA10G2) IaA25R3* IbA10G2 IaA25R3
30976 (IaA28R4) IaA25R3 IaA28R4 IaA28R4
33537 (IaA28R4) IaA25R3 IaA28R4 IaA28R4
TU502 (IaA25R3) IaA25R3 IaA25R3 IaA25R3
  1. *15/16 SNPs at the 3′ end of cgd6_60 are unique in 37999.