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Table 1 Statistics of reads

From: Transcriptome assembly, profiling and differential gene expression analysis of the halophyte Suaeda fruticosa provides insights into salt tolerance

Reads preparation Libraries Number of reads Total reads
Raw reads R000 95,248,764 335,271,656
S000 75,414,804
R300 84,162,958
S300 80,445,130
FastX toolkit and Trimmomatic R000 68,444,064 292,898,120
S000 68,872,348
R300 79,313,812
S300 76,267,896
Sickle Trimmed All   283,587,292
Digital Normalization All   99,577,045
  1. The summaries of the pre-assembly methods are indicated. R000 represents roots in 0 mM NaCl treatment, S000 are shoots in 0 mM NaCl treatment, R300 are roots in 300 mM NaCl treatment and S300 are shoots in 300 mM NaCl treatment.