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Table 1 List of taxa analyzed in this study

From: Mitochondrial phylogenomics and genetic relationships of closely related pine moth (Lasiocampidae: Dendrolimus) species in China, using whole mitochondrial genomes

Family Species Acc.number Reference
Bombycidae Rondotia menciana NC_021962 Kong,W.Q.unpublished
  Bombyx mori NC_002355 Lee et al., unpulished
  Bombyx mandarina NC_003395 [41]
Sphingidae Sphinx morio NC_020780 [42]
  Manduca sexta NC_010266 [43]
Saturniidae Samia cynthia ricini NC_017869 [44]
  Eriogyna pyretorum NC_012727 [45]
  Antheraea pernyi NC_004622 [46]
  Attacus atlas NC_021770 Liu,Y.-Q., unpulished
  Antheraea yamamai NC_012739 [47]
  Saturnia boisduvalii NC_010613 [48]
  Actias selene NC_018133 [49]
Lasiocampidae Dendrolimus spectabilis02 KJ_913815 In this study
  Dendrolimus spectabilis13 KJ_913816 In this study
  Dendrolimus punctatus04 KJ_913813 In this study
  Dendrolimus punctatus05 KJ_913814 In this study
  Dendrolimus tabulaeformis06 KJ_913817 In this study
  Dendrolimus tabulaeformis38 KJ_913818 In this study
  Dendrolimus punctatus wenshanensis03 KJ_913811 In this study
  Dendrolimus punctatus wenshanensis06 KJ_913812 In this study