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Table 2 D. polymorpha stress genes’ homologs in reference model species

From: qRT-PCR evaluation of the transcriptional response of zebra mussel to heavy metals

D. polymorpha H. sapiens M. musculus D. rerio C. elegans D. melanogaster
Gene name GB reference Gene name GB reference Gene name GB reference Gene name GB reference Gene name GB reference Gene name GB reference
MT U67347 MT2A NC_000016.10 mt2 NC_000074.6 mt2 NC_007129.6 mtl-1 NC_003283.10 MtnA NT_033777.3
HSP70 EF526096 HSPA8 AAH07276.2 Hspa8 AAI06170.1 hsp70-4 AAH56709.1 HSP-1 NP_503068.1 hsp70Bb AAW34352.1
HSP90 GU433881 HSP90AA1 NC_000014.9 Hsp90aa1 AAA37868.1 hsp90aa1.2 AAI54424.1 DAF-21 NP_506626.1 Hsp83 AAB46685.1
GST EF194203 GSTP1 AAC13869.1 GSTP1 NP_038569.1 gstp2 NP_001018349.1 GST-1 NP_499006.1 GstS1 NP_725653.1
SOD AY377970 SOD1 NP_000445.1 SOD1 NP_035564.1 sod1 NP_571369.1 SOD-1 NP_001021956.1 Sod NP_476735.1
GPx DQ459994 GPX3 NP_002075.2 GPX3 AFP27210.1 gpx3 NP_001131027.1 GPX-3 NP_509616.1 CG13074 NP_648835.1
CAT EF681763 Cat AAB59522.1 cat AAA66054.1 cat AAF89686.1 CTL-2 NP_001022473.1 cat NP_536731.1
COI AM749000 Coi AEH94123.1 CoI AAX19525.1 coi AFG23394.1 cco-1 NP_006961.1 mt:CoI ADG46971.1
P-gp1 AJ506742 ABCB5alpha AAW31629.1 Abcb1b NP_035205.1 abcb4 NP_001108055.1 PGP-1 NP_502413.1 Mdr49 NP_001163132.1