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Table 4 Functionally important candidate genes upregulated in VMN

From: Neural transcriptome reveals molecular mechanisms for temporal control of vocalization across multiple timescales

Category Blast2GO description
Neurotransmission Anoctamin-5-like isoform x4
ATP-sensitive inward rectifier potassium channel 8-like
Calcium-activated potassium channel subunit alpha-1-like (kcnma1) isoform 3
Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-3-like (gabra3)
Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-5-like (gabra5)
Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit pi-like (gabrp)
Gamma-aminobutyric acid type b receptor subunit 1-like
Gap junction beta-6 (cx30)
Glutamate ionotropic kainate 3-like
Glutamate ionotropic kainate 5-like
Glutamate receptor delta-1 subunit-like
Glycine receptor subunit beta
Glycine receptor subunit beta-like
Kv channel-interacting protein 4-like
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor m2 (chrm2)
Neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-2-like (chrna2)
Neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-3-like
Neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-9-ii-like
Neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit beta-2-like
Neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit non-alpha-3-like (chrnb3)
Potassium sodium hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channel 2-like
Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily b member 2 (kcnb2/Kv2.2)
Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily c member 3-like (kcnc3/Kv3.3) isoform x1
Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily e member 1-like
Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily h member 5
Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily kqt member 2-like (kcnq2/Kv7.2)
Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily s member 1-like (kcns1/Kv9.1)
Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily s member 3-like
Sodium channel protein type 5 subunit alpha
Sodium channel subunit beta-4-like
Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily m member 2-like
Two pore calcium channel protein 1-like
Voltage-dependent l-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1f-like
Voltage-dependent r-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1e
Voltage-gated potassium channel subunit beta-1 isoform 1 (kcnab1)
Voltage-gated potassium channel subunit beta-2-like isoform 1
Steroid pathway 3-keto-steroid reductase-like (hsd17b7)
Androgen receptor alpha (ar-a)
Androgen-induced gene 1 protein
Dihydroxyvitamin d 24- mitochondrial-like isoform 1
Estrogen receptor beta 2 (esr2)
Estrogen-related receptor alpha
Hydroxysteroid 11-beta-dehydrogenase 1-like (hsd11b1l)
Lanosterol 14-alpha demethylase-like
Ovarian aromatase (cyp19a1a)
Sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1
Sterol regulatory element-binding protein 2
Neuropeptides/peptide hormones Atrial natriuretic peptide-converting enzyme-like
Calcitonin gene-related peptide precursor
Cholecystokinin type a receptor
Growth hormone receptor
Inhibin beta b chain-like
Insulin gene enhancer protein isl-1
Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 1
Insulin-like growth factor i
Neuropeptide b precursor
Peptide yy-like
Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide type i receptor-like
Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide receptor 1-like
Thyroid hormone Thyroid hormone receptor alpha
Thyroid hormone receptor-associated protein 3-like
Thyroid receptor-interacting protein 6-like
Other neuromodulators Adenosine receptor a1-like
D-like dopamine receptor-like (drd2)
Melatonin receptor type 1a-like
Prostaglandin e synthase 2-like
Prostaglandin f2-alpha receptor-like
Antioxidants Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase (sod1)
Glutaredoxin 3
Glutaredoxin-related protein 5
Glutathione peroxidase 4b (gpx4b)
Glutathione s-transferase (gst)
Peroxiredoxin 6
Thioredoxin domain-containing protein 17
Thioredoxin-dependent peroxide mitochondrial precursor
Thioredoxin-like protein 1
Thioredoxin-like protein 4a
  1. Gene descriptions with neurotransmission, neuroendocrine, and antioxidant functions from transcripts upregulated in VMN compared to surrounding hindbrain. Genes that are mentioned in the text or shown in figures have gene symbols in parentheses.