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Table 2 Bacterial Strains

From: Genomic and experimental evidence for multiple metabolic functions in the RidA/YjgF/YER057c/UK114 (Rid) protein family

Strain Genotype a,b
DM14200 argI833::tn10 ridA3::MudJ pCA24N-carB (-gfp)
DM14203 argI833::tn10 pCA24N-carB (-gfp)
DM14223 argI833::tn10 STM1549-26::kan pCA24N-carB (-gfp)
DM14307 argI833::tn10 ΔyoaB626 pCA24N-carB (-gfp)
DM3480 ridA3::MudJ
DM14100 ridA3::tn10 ΔyoaB624::cat STM1549-26::kan
  1. aMudJ refers to the Mud1734 transposon [1].
  2. bpCA24N-carB is from the ASKA collection of Escherichia coli clones [4].
  3. Strains listed are derivatives of S. enterica serovar Typhimurium LT2.