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Table 1 Gene Ontology classification of conserved core 111 common genes using g:profiler

From: Identification of REST targets in the Xenopus tropicalis genome

GO term definition GO term No. of genes P-value
Regulation of Nervous System Development GO:0051960 10 4.32E-02
Regulation of Multicellular Organismal Process GO:0035637 15 5.52E-04
Neurological System Process GO:0050877 19 1.63E-02
Transmission of Nerve Impulse GO:0019226 16 8.55E-04
Neuron Projection GO:0043005 22 2.95E-02
Transporter Activity GO:0005215 20 1.01E-02
Ion Channel Activity GO:0005216 13 3.29E-04
Voltage-gated Cation Channel Activity GO:0022843 7 2.96E-02