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Table 1 C. sordellii strains used in this study

From: Clostridium sordellii genome analysis reveals plasmid localized toxin genes encoded within pathogenicity loci

Strain Source Associated infection or pathology ENA Accession numbers
R32977 ARU (UK) Knee Replacement [CELC01000001-CELC01000028[
R32921 ARU (UK) Death During Pregnancy [CEKV01000001-CEKV01000024[
R32668 ARU (UK) Wound Infection [CEKY01000001-CEKY01000028[
R32462 ARU (UK) Endo-Cervical Discharge [CEMX01000001-CEMX01000022[
R31809 ARU (UK) Traumatic Knee Injury [CEKW01000001-CEKW01000031[
R30684 ARU (UK) Calf Abscess [CELE01000001-CELE01000028]
R29426 ARU (UK) Sudden Death [CEMY01000001-CEMY01000040]
R28058 ARU (UK) Crushed Hand [CEKZ01000001-CEKZ01000028]
R27882 ARU (UK) Knee Amputation [CELB01000001-CELB01000031]
R26833 ARU (UK) Blood Culture from Diabetic [CELG01000001-CELG01000030]
W2967 VLA (UK) Veterinary Isolate [CELJ01000001-CELJ01000026]
W10 VLA (UK) Veterinary Isolate [CELH01000001-CELH01000051]
W2922 VLA (UK) Veterinary Isolate [CELK01000001-CELK01000153]
W2945 VLA (UK) Veterinary Isolate [CELI01000001-CELI01000027]
W2946 VLA (UK) Veterinary Isolate [CENA01000001-CENA01000080]
W2948 VLA (UK) Veterinary Isolate [CELF01000001-CELF01000026]
W2975 VLA (UK) Veterinary Isolate [CEKX01000001-CEKX01000030]
W3025 VLA (UK) Veterinary Isolate [CELA01000001-CELA01000022]
W3026 VLA (UK) Veterinary Isolate [CELD01000001-CELD01000043]
JGS444 ISU (USA) Myonecrosis, Bovine [CDNJ01000001-CDNJ01000028]
JGS445 ISU (USA) Myonecrosis, Bovine [CDNU01000001-CDNU01000031]
JGS6382 ISU (USA) [14] Myonecrosis, Bovine [LN681234-LN681235]
JGS6956 ISU (USA) Veterinary Isolate [CDNN01000001-CDNN01000034]
JGS6961 ISU (USA) Veterinary Isolate [CDNI01000001-CDNI01000027]
ATCC9714 ATCC (USA) [1] Oedema [LN679998- LN680000]
DA108 UMich (USA) [15] Post-Partum Endometritis. [CDNR01000001-CDNR01000036]
SSCC33589 UWA (AUS) Blood Isolate [CDNV01000001-CDNV01000026]
SSCC42239 UWA (AUS) Blood Isolate [CDNH01000001-CDNH01000029]
SSCC26591 UWA (AUS) Blood Isolate [CDNX01000001-CDNX01000035]
SSCC37615 UWA (AUS) Blood Isolate [CDNO01000001-CDNO01000031]
SSCC18838 UWA (AUS) Blood Isolate [CDNK01000001-CDNK01000030]
SSCC18392 UWA (AUS) Blood Isolate [CDNE01000001-CDNE01000027]
SSCC35109 UWA (AUS) Blood Isolate [CDNF01000001-CDNF01000036]
SSCC33587 UWA (AUS) Blood Isolate [CDNW01000001-CDNW01000028]
SSCC32135 UWA (AUS) Blood Isolate [CDNQ01000001-CDNQ01000031]
UMC1 OU (USA) [16] Allograft Isolate [CDNM01000001-CDNM01000035]
UMC2 OU (USA) [16] Allograft Isolate [CDLK01000001-CDLK01000054; LN681233]
UMC164 OU (USA) [16] Allograft Isolate [CDPO01000001-CDPO01000024]
UMC178 OU (USA) [16] Allograft Isolate [CDNP01000001-CDNP01000032]
UMC4401 OU (USA) [16] Allograft Isolate [CDNS01000001-CDNS01000027]
UMC4404 OU (USA) [16] Allograft Isolate [CDNY01000001-CDNY01000030]
E204 MU (AUS) Clinical Isolate [CDNL01000001-CDNL01000025]
R15892 ARU (UK) Clinical Isolate [CEKU01000001-CEKU01000032]
JGS6364 ISU (USA) Myonecrosis, Bovine [CDLJ01000001-CDLJ01000026; LN681232]
  1. Strains were sourced as indicated: ARU, Anaerobe Reference Unit, Cardiff, UK; VLA, Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Weybridge, UK; ISU, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA; ATCC, American Type Culture Collection, Manassas, VA, USA; UMich, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA; UWA, University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA, Australia; OU, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK, USA; MU, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. The associated pathology or infection is given where known and is human unless otherwise stated.