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Table 1 Predictive accuracy measures in the literature for models for prediction of variants associated with complex traits

From: Assessing models for genetic prediction of complex traits: a comparison of visualization and quantitative methods

    Predictive accuracy measures employed
  Algorithm Classifier Area under ROC curve Positive predictive value Box plot Histo-Gram Violin plot Mann–Whitney U/Wilcoxon Rank Sum test
Gagliano et al. 2014 Modified Elastic net GWAS hits vs. non-hits x x   x   
Iversen et al. 2014 Penalized logistic regression GWAS hits vs. non-hits x*      
Kircher et al. 2014 Support Vector Machines High-frequency human-derived alleles vs. simulated variants x     x x
Ritchie et al. 2014 Modified Random Forest HGMD hits vs. non-hits x   x    x
  1. *reports “Concordance index”, which is equivalent to the area under the ROC curve