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Table 4 Summary of the characterisation of cicindelids seminal fluid proteins

From: Identification and characterisation of putative seminal fluid proteins from male reproductive tissue EST libraries in tiger beetles

GEN Amino acids size CDS GenBank hit Flybase PHYRE Interpro Protfun (gen ontology category)
AcpC01 66 Complete No No NA NA Immune response
AcpC02 218 Complete No No NA NA Growth factor
AcpC03 105 Complete Drosophila yakuba/XP_002100905.1 (e-value 7e–4, 30 % similarity) Yes/Dyak/GE17317-PA NA Svwc domine Hormone
AcpC04 206 Complete Drosophila mojavensis/XP_002007890.1 (e-value 8e–4, 30 % similarity) Yes/Dmoj/GI12127-PA NA NA Transcription regulation
  1. The homologies and different functions assigned by the different software packages used are indicated