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Table 1 Changes in abundance of transcripts involved in chorismate, auxin and strigolactone biosynthesis/signaling

From: Glyphosate’s impact on vegetative growth in leafy spurge identifies molecular processes and hormone cross-talk associated with increased branching

Category Gene ID Abv. Gene ID log2 FC TAIR ID Component number
Chorismate EMB1144 EMB1144, EMBRYO DEFECTIVE 1144 0.44 AT1G48850.1 comp72334_c0
biosynthesis EPSPS 5-ENOLPYRUVYLSHIKIMATE-3-PHOSPHATE SYNT. 0.82 AT2G45300.1 comp78915_c0
  SK1 SHIKIMATE KINASE 1 1.08 AT2G21940.5 comp71816_c0
Tryptophan TSB2/TRP2 TRYPTOPHAN SYNTHASE BETA-SUBUNIT 2 −3.69 AT4G27070.1 comp79735_c0
biosynthesis TSBTYPE2 TRYPTOPHAN SYNTHASE BETA TYPE 2 1.31 AT5G38530.1 comp76554_c0
Auxin CYP79B2 CYTOCHROME P450, FAMILY 79 −4.59 AT4G39950.1 comp78594_c0
biosynthesis CYP83B1 CYTOCHROME P450, FAMILY 83 −2.28 AT4G31500.1 comp82508_c1
  YUC4 YUCCA 4 2.37 AT5G11320.1 comp74711_c0
  YUC9 YUCCA 9 3.12 AT1G04180.1 comp73458_c0
Auxin response ARF2 AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 2 −1.16 AT5G62000.3 comp82702_c0
factors ARF5 AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 5 1.86 AT1G19850.1 comp81090_c0
  ARF6 AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 6 1.05 AT1G30330.1 comp81172_c0
  ARF16 AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 16 −1.34 AT4G30080.1 comp72272_c0
Auxin response IAA19 INDOLE-3-ACETIC ACID INDUCIBLE 19 2.07 AT3G15540.1 comp65987_c0
  IAA26 INDOLE-3-ACETIC ACID INDUCIBLE 26 1.49 AT3G16500.1 comp76858_c0
  IAA29 INDOLE-3-ACETIC ACID INDUCIBLE 29 −1.86 AT4G32280.1 comp68748_c0
  LRP1 LATERAL ROOT PRIMORDIUM 1 3.26 AT5G12330.4 comp80582_c0
  SAUR32 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED RNA 32 −1.92 AT2G46690.1 comp72184_c0
  SAUR55 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED RNA 55 −1.42 AT5G50760.1 comp76265_c0
  SAUR59 SMALL AUXIN UPREGULATED RNA 59 −1.34 AT3G60690.1 comp73582_c0
Auxin LAX2 LIKE AUXIN RESISTANT 2 1.84 AT2G21050.1 comp74023_c1
transporters LAX3 LIKE AUXIN RESISTANT 3 1.01 AT1G77690.1 comp78151_c1
  PID PINOID 2.01 AT2G34650.1 comp81377_c0
  PIN1 PIN-FORMED 1 1.82 AT1G73590.1 comp75801_c0
  PIN1 PIN-FORMED 1 1.38 AT1G73590.1 comp80021_c0
  ABCB19 ATP-BINDING CASSETTE B19 2.39 AT3G28860.1 comp83655_c0
Auxin conjugate IAR3 IAA-ALANINE RESISTANT 3 −1.95 AT1G51760.1 comp74098_c0
metabolism ILL6 IAA-LEUCINE RESISTANT (ILR)-LIKE GENE 6 −1.30 AT1G44350.1 comp77344_c0
Strigolactone MAX1 MORE AXILLARY BRANCHES 1/CYTOCHROME P450 0.64 AT2G26170.1 comp73668_c0
biosynthesis MAX3 MORE AXILLARY BRANCHES 3 1.52 AT2G44990.1 comp68151_c0
Strigolactone sig. MAX2 MORE AXILLARY BRANCHES 2 −0.28 AT2G42620.1 comp84166_c0
  1. Transcript changes after foliar glyphosate treatment (2.24 kg ha−1) compared to controls in aerial tissues derived from crown buds of leafy spurge. The Arabidopsis Information Resource was used to annotate homologs of leafy spurge transcripts (TAIR ID), to obtain gene IDs and abbreviations (Abv.); values represent log2 fold changes (FC)