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Table 1 Targets analyzed by the western-blot and the expression status (color coded) of the corresponding metastamiRs in high-risk metastatic neuroblastoma

From: Reorganization of metastamiRs in the evolution of metastatic aggressive neuroblastoma cells

ADAMTS-1 miR-1224-3p, miR-1260, miR-125b
ASK1 miR-1258, miR-1243, miR-519c-3p, miR-1224-5p, miR-20a, miR-93, miR-1260, miR-23a*, miR-30b*
AURK ß miR-765
BIRC2 miR-500*
cMYC let-7a, let-7b, let-7c, let-7e, let-7f, let-7g, miR-98
CASP8 miR-519c-3p, miR-143*, miR-20a, miR-93, miR-1224-3p
CD1C miR-1306, miR-190, miR-190b, miR-620
CD54 miR-431*
CDK4 miR-548m, miR-765
CFOS miR-383
PARP miR-519c-3p, miR-766
CREB miR-190, miR-190b, miR-1224-5p, miR-20a, miR-93, miR-125b, miR-27b
CTGF miR-30c-1*, miR-576-3p, miR-383, miR-143*, miR-30b*
CXCR4 miR-1, miR-206
CYCLIN D1 let-7a, let-7b, let-7c, let-7e, let-7f, let-7g, miR-98, miR-383, miR-1269, miR-1, miR-206, miR-20a, miR-93, miR-23a*, miR-608
EGFR miR-664*, miR-1250, miR-1269, miR-1, miR-206, miR-149*, miR-27b, miR-1909*, miR-608
ELK1 miR-1260, miR-125b, miR-765, miR-1321, miR-608
NOS3 miR-887, miR-1244, miR-765
ESR1 miR-188-5p, miR-190, miR-190b, miR-1182, miR-519c-3p, miR-1, miR-206, miR-148b, miR-20a, miR-93, miR-1909*
FOS B miR-766, miR-1, miR-206, miR-148b, miR-1224-3p, miR-1260, miR-23a*, miR-765, miR-27b, miR-1909*, miR-608
FRA miR-593, miR-149*
GRB10 miR-519c-3p, miR-513a-5p, miR-30b*, miR-125b
IL-1α miR-149*, miR-30b*
JUN D miR-1, miR-206, miR-1321
kRAS let-7a, let-7b, let-7c, let-7e, let-7f, let-7g, miR-98, miR-1243, miR-143*, miR-513a-5p, miR-1, miR-206, miR-200b, miR-30b*, miR-27b
KRTAP1-1 miR-601, miR-1258, miR-143*, miR-23a*
MCP1 miR-664*, miR-593 , miR-1, miR-206
MEGF10 miR-190, miR-190b, miR-1258, miR-383
MMP10 miR-32*, miR-32, miR-367*, miR-148b
MMP2 miR-20a, miR-93, miR-765, miR-125b, miR-1321, miR-608
MMP3 miR-20a, miR-93
MTA2 miR-148b, miR-1321
MYB miR-1224-5p
NF2 miR-1909*, miR-32*, miR-32, miR-367*, miR-608
GSK3B miR-624*, miR-1, miR-206, miR-23a*, miR-27b
P38 miR-1258, miR-1243, miR-513a-5p, miR-125b, miR-27b
P21 miR-92a-2*, miR-32*, miR-32, miR-367*, miR-20a, miR-93, miR-765, miR-608
AKT2 miR-200b, miR-148b, miR-1224-3p, miR-1260, miR-1909*, miR-608
AKT3 miR-320b, miR-320c, miR-149*, miR-20a, miR-93
PKC miR-30b*, miR-1321, miR-1909*
PTPN3 miR-593, miR-20a, miR-93, miR-765, miR-27b
SDF-1ß miR-624*, miR-1182, miR-519c-3p, miR-1260, miR-23a*, miR-765, miR-1909*
SEMA3D miR-432, miR-1268, miR-1321
STAT3 let-7a, let-7b, let-7c, let-7e, let-7f, let-7g, miR-98, miR-1244, miR-20a, miR-93, miR-125b, miR-1909*, miR-608
SURVIVIN miR-1182, miR-1321
TNFR1 miR-766
TNF-α miR-125b-1*, miR-519c-3p, miR-1909*
VEGF miR-383, miR-1, miR-206, miR-200b, miR-20a, miR-125b, miR-27b
  1. Up regulated; Down Regulated