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Table 3 Evaluation of the interaction between APOL1 risk variants and HDLC on eGFR among African Americans1

From: APOL1 G1 genotype modifies the association between HDLC and kidney function in African Americans

  APOL1 variant logHDL APOL1 variant × logHDL
APOL1 Variant tested β (SE) P-value β (SE) P-value β (SE) P-value
rs73885319 (only) −1.48 (1.69) 0.38 1.85 (3.53) 0.60 −44.3 (12.8) 0.0006
rs71785313 (only) 0.05 (2.58) 0.98 −0.70 (3.47) 0.84 −2.8 (22.5) 0.90
APOL1 risk genotype (both)2 −1.47 (1.12) 0.19 3.02 (3.72) 0.42 −24.1 (8.7) 0.005
  1. Results from a model of eGFR as predicted by APOL1 variant × HDLC, adjusted for variant, HDLC, age, BMI, sex, genome-wide proportion African ancestry, study, and the random effect of family. 1Data are presented for HUFS and NHAAN only, as rs71785313 was not available in ARIC; 2Individuals with either rs73885319 GG or rs71785313 −/− or heterozygous for both rs73885319 and rs71785313 (no individuals were homozygous for both rs73885319 GG and rs71785313 −/−) compared to individuals who were heterozygous for either rs73855319 or rs71785313 or homozygous for the reference allele for both