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Table 1 Ten most correlated genes with PC1. Tables a and b are subsets of significantly correlated genes with relevant functions in skin lineage (for full data, see Additional file 9: Table S6). a Positively correlated genes, which were upregulated in SGs, and (b) negatively correlated genes, which were upregulated in KCs and HaCaTs

From: Gene expression analysis of skin grafts and cultured keratinocytes using synthetic RNA normalization reveals insights into differentiation and growth control

Gene Symbol Score Local FDR  
RAB11FIP1 0.934 0.00044  
KRT80 0.933 0.00045 Localization around desmosomal plaques in earlier stages of differentiation [PMID:20843789]
ID4 0.915 0.00052 Lack of the protein in parakeratotic cells at upper skin layer [PMID:21663940]
PPL 0.911 0.00053 A component of desmosomes and of the cornified envelope [PMID:9412476]
KRT1 0.911 0.00054 Specifically expressed in the spinous and granular layers [PMID:10511477]
BCL6 0.900 0.00058 Expression at the terminal differentiation stage [PMID:8912662]
ERBB3 0.897 0.00059 Skin biopsy expressed more than the cultured cells [PMID:11571634]
PLAC2 0.896 0.00059 lncRNA controlling terminal differentiation [PMID:23201690]
PKP1 0.896 0.00059 Localization around desmosomal plaques and nuclei [PMID:16632867]
KRT10 0.894 0.00060 Specifically expressed in the spinous and granular layers [PMID:10511477]
PRDX3 −0.922 0.00044 Mitochondrial [PMID:17893648]
SEC61G −0.914 0.00045  
NDUFB3 −0.914 0.00052 Mitochondrial [PMID:12611891]
FXC1 −0.913 0.00053 Mitochondrial [PMID:14726512]
ATP5J −0.911 0.00054 Mitochondrial [PMID:12110673]
GNG10 −0.911 0.00058  
TXNDC9 −0.911 0.00059  
MRPS23 −0.910 0.00059 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein
ENY2 −0.910 0.00059  
PSMB2 −0.909 0.00060