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Table 2 List of genes in the STAT3 signaling pathway targeted by STAT3 regulated miR

From: HIV-1 gp120 influences the expression of microRNAs in human monocyte-derived dendritic cells via STAT3 activation

miRNA name Targeted genes in STAT3 signaling pathway
hsa-mir-21 MAPK3, FRAP1, STAT3
hsa-mir-155 STAT3, MAPK3, JAK2, JAK1, FRAP1
hsa-let-7b STAT3, MAPK3, JAK2
hsa-let-7a-3 STAT3, MAPK3, JAK2
hsa-mir-146a STAT3, MAPK3
hsa-mir-125b-2 MAPK3, FRAP1, STAT3
hsa-mir-125b-1 MAPK3, FRAP1, STAT3
hsa-mir-29a FRAP1, MAPK3
hsa-mir-135b STAT3
hsa-mir-451 JAK2, FRAP1
hsa-mir-30c-1 JAK2
hsa-mir-181a-2 MAPK3
hsa-mir-181b-2 STAT3
hsa-mir-181b-1 STAT3
  1. The table shows the genes present in the STAT3 signaling pathway (Biocarta) that are validated targets of a selection of STAT3 regulated miR