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Table 2 Overrepresented Gene Ontology biological process terms in 28 DPA vs 21 DPA fiber. Transcripts that had higher expression (fold change ≥2) at 28 vs 21 DPA in both Gb and Gh fiber were analyzed for over-representation of GO biological process terms (p < 0.007, q < 0.05). False discovery rate q-values (FDR) were determined as in Table 1 (see p-values in Additional file 8)

From: Metabolomic and transcriptomic insights into how cotton fiber transitions to secondary wall synthesis, represses lignification, and prolongs elongation

GO:0000186 activation of MAPKK activity 1.43E-04 8.60E-05
GO:0010215 cellulose microfibril organization 4.17E-02 3.43E-02
GO:0015996 chlorophyll catabolic process 2.05E-04 5.54E-05
GO:0030206 chondroitin sulfate biosynthetic process 1.06E-05 6.00E-05
GO:0035434 copper ion transmembrane transport 4.01E-05 6.06E-03
GO:0010143 cutin biosynthetic process 8.11E-04 2.30E-05
GO:0006535 cysteine biosynthetic process from serine 2.68E-04 7.06E-05
GO:0006014 D-ribose metabolic process 1.43E-04 1.25E-04
GO:0042732 D-xylose metabolic process 2.25E-03 2.61E-02
GO:0006000 fructose metabolic process 2.82E-03 7.44E-07
GO:0006012 galactose metabolic process 2.49E-05 3.06E-03
GO:0009298 GDP-mannose biosynthetic process 2.23E-02 4.82E-02
GO:0010417 glucuronoxylan biosynthetic process 5.97E-03 2.07E-02
GO:0006424 glutamyl-tRNA aminoacylation 1.67E-03 1.60E-03
GO:0019310 inositol catabolic process 4.01E-05 7.59E-03
GO:0006559 L-phenylalanine catabolic process 2.25E-03 2.02E-03
GO:0007142 male meiosis II 2.07E-02 2.01E-02
GO:0019307 mannose biosynthetic process 5.97E-03 5.70E-03
GO:0009556 microsporogenesis 2.07E-02 4.66E-04
GO:0010105 negative regulation of ethylene mediated signaling pathway 2.06E-02 1.86E-02
GO:0009878 nodule morphogenesis 1.67E-03 1.60E-03
GO:0018106 peptidyl-histidine phosphorylation 8.84E-07 9.75E-05
GO:0009915 phloem sucrose loading 2.07E-02 2.01E-02
GO:0010205 photoinhibition 2.07E-02 2.01E-02
GO:0010043 response to zinc ion 6.40E-05 6.51E-06
GO:0009834 secondary cell wall biogenesis 7.21E-08 5.51E-07
GO:0005982 starch metabolic process 6.95E-07 1.07E-05
GO:0010345 suberin biosynthetic process 2.07E-02 5.70E-03
GO:0005985 sucrose metabolic process 4.88E-10 6.86E-08
GO:0007178 transmembrane receptor protein serine/threonine kinase signaling pathway 8.44E-05 2.37E-05
GO:0005992 trehalose biosynthetic process 4.57E-04 2.16E-04
GO:0006572 tyrosine catabolic process 1.43E-04 1.25E-04