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Table 7 KEGG pathways analysis of the DEGs found in this study. Genes in red font are over-expressed in non hygienic bees; green represents the over-expressed genes in non hygienic bees

From: Differential gene expression between hygienic and non-hygienic honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) hives

Pathways Enzymes Genes
Purine Metabolism ec: uridine 5’-nucleotidase; ec: adenylpyrophosphatase LOC408474; LOC725051,Sur
Oxidative phosphorylation ec: - reductase (H + −translocating); ec: (ubiquinone) ND4; LOC408734
Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis ec: (NADP+) LOC411202
Propanoate metabolism ec: (GDP-forming) LOC408734
Caprolactam degradation ec: (NADP+) LOC411202
Glycerolipid metabolism ec: (NADP+) LOC411202
Pyrimidine metabolism ec: uridine 5’-nucleotidase LOC408474
Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) ec: (GDP-forming); ec: (ubiquinone) LOC408734
Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism ec: GMCOX12
Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism ec: Cda5
Nicotinate and nicotinamide metabolism ec: uridine 5’-nucleotidase LOC408474
mTOR signaling pathway ec: kinase Pka-C1
Fatty acid degradation ec: bgm