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Table 1 Examples of the clustered disconnected genes and their probable pathways. The pathways were identified using KEGG [41]. The genes are members of first bicluster of the analysis starting with in vitro data. The compounds in first bicluster are sulindac, naphthyl isothiocyanate, diclofenac and colchicine

From: Identification of in vitro and in vivo disconnects using transcriptomic data

Pathway Genes
Complement and coagulation cascades A2m C1s C5 C8a C4bpb Cfh F5
Chemical carcinogenesis Cyp1a1 Gstm3 Gsta5
Metabolism of xenobiotics Akr7a3 Cyp1a1 Gstm3 Gsta5
Pathways in cancer Ccnd1 Fn1 Lamc2