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Fig. 2

From: The completed genome sequence of the pathogenic ascomycete fungus Fusarium graminearum

Fig. 2

Gene and RNA distribution across the four chromosome (Chr 1–4). Each vertical bar represents a single gene or RNA annotation, aligned next to a heat map for genetic recombination (red = high to blue = low, recombination frequency - second row down of each chromosome). Rows 3 through to rows 7 denote the following: All gene annotations, recombinant frequency, AT rich regions (AT > 90 %) greater than 2 kb (red = >5.0 kb, orange = 2.5-5.0 kb, yellow = 2.0-2.5 kb), predicted secretome (n = 615), tRNA annotations, all RNA annotations, and new gene annotations only. The location of each centromere is highlighted in row 3 with a red arrow

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