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Table 4 GO term (level 2) summary of the 412 new gene annotations. GO terms summaries for biological process and molecular function of the 412 new genes annotated in the RRes V4.0 gene set

From: The completed genome sequence of the pathogenic ascomycete fungus Fusarium graminearum

Biological process
GO-id GO-term No.
GO:0044699 single-organism process 18
GO:0050896 response to stimulus 2
GO:0008152 metabolic process 32
GO:0009987 cellular process 22
GO:0032502 developmental process 2
GO:0071840 cellular component organization or biogenesis 2
GO:0065007 biological regulation 10
GO:0051179 localization 4
GO:0032501 multicellular organismal process 2
GO:0023052 signalling 1
Total 99
Molecular function
GO-id GO-term No.
GO:0005215 transporter activity 3
GO:0001071 nucleic acid binding transcription factor activity 8
GO:0004872 receptor activity 1
GO:0003824 catalytic activity 25
GO:0005488 binding 24
GO:0030234 enzyme regulator activity 1
Total 64