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Table 2 Top 20 upregulated genes of Rhizoctonia solani when challenged with Serratia proteamaculans S4 or Serratia plymuthica AS13

From: Transcriptomic changes in the plant pathogenic fungus Rhizoctonia solani AG-3 in response to the antagonistic bacteria Serratia proteamaculans and Serratia plymuthica

Gene Id Putative function log2 fold change
S4 Up   
1.t002520 aliphatic nitrilase 6.92835
17.t000054 betaine lipid 6.91571
1.t001569 l-psp endoribonuclease family protein 6.39109
1.t001237 dienelactone hydrolase family protein 5.94347
11.t000148 hypothetical protein RSOL_500330 5.92287
1.t001998 mfs general substrate transporter 5.89682
3.t000606 response regulator receiver domain protein 5.76394
4.t000541 hypothetical protein RSOL_421740 5.71167
4.t000088 kinase domain protein 5.45440
4.t000274 isocitrate lyase 5.28342
1.t000080 putative hydrolase 5.26161
1.t003583 epoxide hydrolase 5.26161
6.t000086 haloacid dehalogenase 5.23554
1.t004221 glutathione s-transferase c-terminal-like protein 4.84274
5.t000634 acyltransferase ctase cot cpt 4.82218
1.t003262 glutathione s-transferase 4.82154
1.t000120 tlc domain protein 4.33277
1.t001973 cytochrome p450 family protein 4.24327
3.t000070 secreted protein 4.08181
12.t000229 ricin b-like lectin 4.05721
AS13 Up   
17.t000054 betaine lipid 7.56872
3.t000070 secreted protein 4.98602
1.t003006 inorganic phosphate transporter 4.74944
4.t000445 ricin-type beta-trefoil lectin omain-containing protein 4.52512
1.t000120 tlc domain protein 4.17569
1.t001562 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein 4.10199
3.t000380 nad h-binding family protein 3.94301
1.t002656 alpha amylase 3.93229
2.t000151 hypothetical protein RSOL_273340 3.90046
219.t000001 helix loop helix dna-binding domain partial 3.89048
1.t002794 guanyl-specific ribonuclease f1 3.87433
10.t000302 fad-binding domain protein 3.75220
1.t001394 plc-like phosphodiesterase 3.53473
1.t002520 aliphatic nitrilase 3.51621
9.t000274 hypothetical protein RSOL_481390 3.49204
4.t000274 isocitrate lyase 3.45076
5.t000433 nad -binding protein 3.44690
11.t000148 hypothetical protein RSOL_500330 3.38336
1.t004152 hypothetical protein RSOL_034560. partial 3.37974
1.t004112 gdsl-like lipase partial 3.22982