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Table 1 Top upregulated genes after optic nerve crush

From: Integrated analyses of zebrafish miRNA and mRNA expression profiles identify miR-29b and miR-223 as potential regulators of optic nerve regeneration

Ensembl ID Gene symbol Gene name Fold change adjusted p-value GO process or functiona
ENSDART00000081039 sb:cb252 sb:cb252 52.9 0.000065 Associated with mitochondria
ENSDART00000025036 gap43 Growth associated protein 43 33.9 0.000161 Tissue regeneration
ENSDART00000140944 cremb cAMP responsive element modulator b 20.8 0.000065 DNA-dependent transcription
ENSDART00000022060 atf3 Activating transcription factor 3 13.5 0.000279 DNA-dependent transcription
ENSDART00000101970 CU571382.1 Uncharacterised protein 10.7 0.000151  
ENSDART00000126441 lepa Leptin a 9.8 0.000161 Nervous system development
ENSDART00000110691 wnt6b Wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 6b 14.6 0.000690 wnt receptor signaling; neuron differentiation
ENSDART00000127420 mdp1 Magnesium-dependent phosphatase 1 6.6 0.000065 Protein tyrosine phosphatase activity
ENSDART00000105597 si:ch211-129c21.1 si:ch211-129c21.1 9.7 0.000279 Multicellular organismal development
ENSDART00000062845 mmp9 Matrix metalloproteinase 9 11.1 0.000558 Proteolysis
ENSDART00000060765 BX323876.3 Brain natriuretic peptide-like 9.7 0.000396 Inflammatory response
ENSDART00000077197 tmsb Thymosin, beta 11.1 0.000801 Organization of cytoskeleton
ENSDART00000034377 cpa5 Carboxypeptidase A5 10.5 0.000690 Proteolysis
ENSDART00000064789 txn Thioredoxin 5.0 0.000065 Cell redox homeostasis
ENSDART00000033494 klf6a Kruppel-like factor 6a 4.7 0.000065 Optic nerve formation
ENSDART00000064509 stmn4l Stathmin-like 4, like 5.8 0.000161 Regulation of microtubule (de)polymerization
ENSDART00000129989 C14HXorf65 Chromosome X open reading frame 65 5.0 0.000100  
ENSDART00000144946 adcyap1b Adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide 1b 7.3 0.000409 Brain development
ENSDART00000020673 f3a Coagulation factor IIIa 5.5 0.000161 Blood coagulation; integral to membrane functioning
ENSDART00000133512 fosl1b FOS-like antigen 1b 6.6 0.000409 DNA-dependent transcription
ENSDART00000045410 thy1 Thy-1 cell surface antigen 4.8 0.000161 Organization of cytoskeleton; focal adhesion
ENSDART00000123518 tuba1 Tubulin, alpha 1 4.7 0.000161 Optic nerve formation; regulation of microtubule processes
ENSDART00000101424 nefma Neurofilament, medium polypeptide a 4.5 0.000161 Organization of cytoskeleton
ENSDART00000121861 prph Peripherin 10.0 0.002781 Organization of cytoskeleton; tissue regeneration
ENSDART00000082153 itga6a Integrin, alpha 6a 5.4 0.000409 Cell adhesion membrane functioning; integrin signalling
ENSDART00000129227 b3gnt2 UDP-GlcNAc:betaGal beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 2 4.8 0.000279 Protein glycosylation
ENSDART00000141068 sox11b SRY-box containing gene 11b 5.2 0.000381 Neuron differentiation; response to wounding
  1. Ranked by combined –log10 p-value and ≥1.5 absolute fold change
  2. aGO terms determined by ZFIN and Uniprot databases