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Table 5 Predicted miR-29b and miR-223 binding of human and rat orthologs to the validated zebrafish genes

From: Integrated analyses of zebrafish miRNA and mRNA expression profiles identify miR-29b and miR-223 as potential regulators of optic nerve regeneration

Zfish refseq Zfish ensembl Zebrafish gene Human ortholog (context score)a Rat ortholog (context score)a
NM_001076587 ENSDART00000087565 eva1a miR-29b (−0.21) miR-223 (−0.32)
XM_688304 ENSDART00000050945 layna miR-223 (−0.41) miR-29b (−0.14)
miR-223 (−0.05)
NM_001123280 ENSDART00000064163 nefmb No direct ortholog No direct ortholog
NEFH: miR-223 (−0.25)
NM_199534 ENSDART00000018351 ina miR-29b (−0.17) miR-29b (−0.15)
XM_685557 ENSDART00000021556 si:ch211-51a6.2 No direct ortholog -
PRSS12: miR-223 (−0.08)
NM_001201393 ENSDART00000126365 smoc1 miR-223 (−0.11) miR-223 (−0.11)
XM_003201552 ENSDART00000124670 lrrn3 - -
XM_003199845 ENSDART00000081039 sb:cb252 No ortholog No ortholog
  1. aContext score calculated by Targetscan for human and rat predictions (Grimson et al. [91])