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Fig. 3

From: Gene expression during zombie ant biting behavior reflects the complexity underlying fungal parasitic behavioral manipulation

Fig. 3

VENN diagram of O. unilateralis s.l. genes that are putatively involved in insect pathogenesis and establishing manipulated biting behavior in the ant C. castaneus. Such genes are likely to be specifically up-regulated during manipulated biting behavior, when compared to growth in pure culture and in ants after manipulation has taken place. This diagram shows the overlap between i) these up-regulated genes, ii) the O. unilateralis s.l. genes that putatively encode secreted proteins, and iii) genes that are conserved in other insect pathogens. A total of 2087 genes have at least one of these characteristics. The area size is approximately congruent with the amount of genes that make up the overlapping and non-overlapping groups

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