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Table 1 Sequencing and assembly statistics for the transcriptome data of Acanthus ilicifolius and A. leucostachyus. No. is short for number

From: Transcriptome analysis of the Holly mangrove Acanthus ilicifolius and its terrestrial relative, Acanthus leucostachyus, provides insights into adaptation to intertidal zones

  Assembly results After removing redundancy and contigs with low coverage or depth
  A. ilicifolius A. leucostachyus A. ilicifolius A. leucostachyus
No. of contigs 97347 90998 73039 69580
Maximum length of contigs (bp) 5243 11541 5243 11541
Average length of contigs (bp) 601 980 580 913
Contig N50 (bp) 816 1699 763 1580
No. of contigs with length greater than 1 kb 15755 31572 10655 21776