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Table 1 Genes downregulated in the cspC mutant at exponential phase

From: CspC regulates the expression of the glyoxylate cycle genes at stationary phase in Caulobacter

Gene CB15 Gene NA1000 Predicted function Fold change
Respiratory Chain   
CC_0763 CCNA_00801 cytochrome bd-type quinol oxidase, subunit II 0.38
Toxin-antitoxin system   
CC_0873 CCNA_00916 toxin protein parE-1 0.25
Carbohydrate Metabolism   
CC_3655 CCNA_03770 malate dehydrogenase 0.22
CC_2280 CCNA_02363 Hypothetical protein 0.33
CC_2645 CCNA_02728 Hypothetical protein 0.32
CC_3115 CCNA_03214 Hypothetical protein 0.26
  1. aValues are fold changes in the expression levels comparing the null cspC mutant (∆cspC) with wild type cells (WT). The values are the means of three biological replicates