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Table 4 Genes upregulated in the cspC mutant at stationary phase

From: CspC regulates the expression of the glyoxylate cycle genes at stationary phase in Caulobacter

Gene CB15 Gene NA1000 Predicted function Fold change (∆cspC/WT)a Fold change (WTstat/WTexp)b Downregulated in carbon limitationc
Sulfur Metabolism      
CC_0286 CCNA_00288 ABC-type sulfate transport system, periplasmic component 4.43 2.7d Yes
CC_1119 CCNA_01177 sulfite reductase, beta subunit 5.22 2.0 Yes
CC_1482 CCNA_01549 sulfate adenylyltransferase subunit 1/ /adenylylsulfate kinase 8.94 0.9 Yes
CC_1483 CCNA_01550 sulfate adenylyltransferase, subunit 2 5.36 2.1 Yes
CC_1666 CCNA_01738 TonB-dependent receptor 5.41 3.2d No
CC_1991 CCNA_02070 protein translocase subnit SecD 2.62 0.2d Yes
CC_2664 CCNA_02747 ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 6.75 1.1 Yes
Respiratory Chain      
CC_1401 CCNA_01467 cytochrome cbb3 oxidase subunit I CcoN 3.25 1.8 No
CC_1402 CCNA_01468 cytochrome cbb3 oxidase, cytochrome c subunit CcoO 3.91 2.2 No
CC_1403 CCNA_01469 cytochrome cbb3 oxidase, subunit CcoQ 3.00 2.2 No
Amino Acid Metabolism      
CC_0050 CCNA_00048 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 3.57 0.5 No
CC_0482 CCNA_00515 5-methyltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate--homocysteine methyltransferase 5.57 0.7 Yes
CC_0581 CCNA_00617 arginine N-succinyltransferase beta chain 4.63 4.8d No
CC_1397 CCNA_01463 3-deoxy-7-phosphoheptulonate synthase 3.65 3.2d No
Signal Transduction      
CC_0285 CCNA_00287 photosensory histidine protein kinase LovK 4.44 1.7 No
Protein Synthesis      
CC_0464 CCNA_00496 threonyl -tRNA synthetase 4.91 0.5 Yes
CC_1870 CCNA_01946 tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase 3.09 1.1 No
CC_0878 CCNA_00922 ATP-dependent Clp protease. ATP-binding subunit ClpB 3.14 1.5 No
CC_1960 CCNA_02037 ATP-dependent endopeptidase Lon 2.93 1.8 No
Cofactors metabolism      
CC_2912 CCNA_03006 quinolinate synthetase A 4.75 0.9 No
CC_0287 CCNA_00289 hypothetical protein 5.62 1.7 Yes
CC_2624 Unannotated hypothetical protein 2.94 2.8 No
CC_2699 CCNA_02782 hypothetical protein 4.41 2.0 No
  1. aValues are fold changes in the expression levels comparing the null cspC mutant (∆cspC) with wild type cells (WT). The values are the means of three biological replicates
  2. bValues are fold changes in the expression levels comparing wild type cells at stationary phase (WT stat) versus exponential phase (WT exp). The values are the means of two biological replicates
  3. cGenes downregulated in carbon limitation in previous work [26]
  4. dGenes significantly up- or downregulated at stationary phase with respect to exponential phase