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Table 2 Differentially expressed miRNAs with target(s) that regulate several processes

From: Identification of four functionally important microRNA families with contrasting differential expression profiles between drought-tolerant and susceptible rice leaf at vegetative stage

Mature miRNA Expression pattern Target(s) GO biological process(s)
osa-miR166e-3p A↓ Alkaline neutral invertase Root development, carbohydrate metabolic process, cellular amino acid metabolic process
osa-miR166h-5pa V↓R↓A↓ Diaminopimelate decarboxylase Cellular amino acid metabolic process
U-box domain containing protein Protein phosphorylation
Stress-induced protein STI1 Protein phosphorylation, protein ubiquitination
osa-miR169r-3pa V↓R↓ UDP-glucose 4-epimerase Root development, response to stress, carbohydrate metabolic process, cell wall biogenesis
osa-miR397a/b Leaf- V↓R↑A↓ Osmotic stress-activated protein kinase Response to salt stress, protein phosphorylation
Stem- V↓A↓ Laccase-22 & laccase lac 5-4 Lignin catbolic process, oxidation-reduction process
  1. aafter miRNA name indicates that the mature miRNA is miRNA*
  2. V Vandana, A Aday Sel, R IR64