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Table 2 Haemophilus influenzae-specific loci

From: Haemophilus influenzae: using comparative genomics to accurately identify a highly recombinogenic human pathogen

Qualifiersa Size (kb)b Encoded genes (putative function)
824000..828000c 4 fucP, fucA, fucU, fucK, fucI (partial) (fucose transport and degradation)
829000..830000 1 fucI (partial), fucR (fucose transport and degradation)
1617000..1623000 6 pstS, pstC, pstA, pstB, phoB, phoR (phosphate binding and regulation)
1795000..1796000 1 pdxS, dpxT (glutamine metabolism)
  1. aBased on the NTHi 86-028NP (RefSeq: NC_007146) genome [31]
  2. bResolution to 1 kb. Only those regions with 100 % coverage across all H. influenzae genomes and <50 % coverage in other Haemophilus spp. genomes are shown
  3. c fucP was chosen for this study