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Table 4 Pairwise analyses of sequence divergence

From: Gonadal transcriptomics elucidate patterns of adaptive evolution within marine rockfishes (Sebastes)

Analysis T test P-value Wilcoxon Rank sum test P-value
Ks 3prime vs. UTR 3prime 9.25E-14 < 2.2E-16
Ks 3prime vs. UTR 5prime 8.48E-13 < 2.2E-16
Ks 3prime vs. Ks 5prime 0.104 0.505
UTR 5prime vs. UTR 3prime 0.207 0.145
Ks 5prime vs. UTR 3prime 9.27E-20 < 2.2E-16
Ks 5prime vs. UTR 5prime 2.57E-18 < 2.2E-16
  1. Bold face indicates a significant P-value