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Table 10 Validation of sequence-specific SNP and InDel markers arising from marker mining on scaffold84773 linked the R gene PhtjR conferring resistance to PSB disease on all historical and current commercial cultivars of Lupinus angustifolius released in Australia

From: Application of whole genome re-sequencing data in the development of diagnostic DNA markers tightly linked to a disease-resistance locus for marker-assisted selection in lupin (Lupinus angustifolius)

  1. aGenotypes of R gene PhtjR on commercial cultivars: R = presence of PhtjR gene; S = absence of PhtjR gene [44]
  2. bMarkers showing R-allele genotype on cultivars without the R gene (false positives) are highlighted in red
  3. cMarkers showing genotypes completely consistent with PhtjR gene phenotypes in all 27 commercial cultivars are diagnostic markers, and are highlighted in green