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Table 2 Genes in Wilhelm et al. [53] list that are neither in our training set nor annotated as synaptic in Drosophila

From: Putative synaptic genes defined from a Drosophila whole body developmental transcriptome by a machine learning approach

Rat protein Drosophila homologue Initial catalogue Final catalogue
VGlut 1/2 CG10069 Yes Yes
Calmodulin CG8472 Yes No
NSF CG31495 Yes No
AP-2 mu2 CG10637 Yes Yes
SGIP1 CG8176 Yes Yes
endophilin II CG9834 Yes Yes
Hsc70 CG8937 No No
PIPK Ig CG9985 Yes Yes
Vti1a CG3279 Yes No
VAMP4 CG1599 Yes No
Calbindin CG6702 No No
  1. The first column shows the names of the rat proteins whose Drosophila homologues are neither in our training set nor already annotated as synaptic genes in the fly. The second column shows the name of the corresponding Drosophila homologue. The third column indicates whether these Drosophila genes were classified as synaptic with a probability higher than 0.5 by the 3 algorithms. The fourth column indicates if the genes were also classified as synaptic by the 3 algorithms with a probability above 0.9