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Table 1 Glutamine-responsive genes in rice roots

From: Glutamine rapidly induces the expression of key transcription factor genes involved in nitrogen and stress responses in rice roots

Locus ID Accession no. Fold change (+ Gln/− N) Gene description
Os05g0114400 NM_001060995 5.4 ZOS5-02, C2H2 zinc finger protein
Os09g0522200 NM_001070247 4.0 DREB1A, dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1A
Os11g0184900 NM_001072451 4.0 NAC5, no apical meristem protein 5
Os03g0236200 NM_001056025 3.6 GAD3, glutamate decarboxylase 3
Os06g0633100 NM_001064664 3.6 GDU-like, glutamine dumper-like
Os03g0823400 NM_001058277 3.5 BBTI13, Bowman-Birk type bran trypsin inhibitor 13
Os09g0482800 NM_001188974 3.2 EF hand family protein
Os01g0952900 NM_001051958 3.1 IRO2, helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain containing protein
Os08g0386200 NM_001068242 3.0 WRKY69
Os05g0545300 NM_001062746 2.8 MAPKKK57
Os04g0673300 NM_001060766 2.8 RR6, type-A response regulator 6
Os08g0172900 N.A. 2.8 Unknown protein
Os03g0445700 NM_001057003 2.7 LBD37-like
Os08g0138100 N.A. 2.7 Uclacyanin 1 (UCC1)-like
Os07g0410300 NM_001188228 2.6 AP2/ERF106, AP2 domain containing protein
Os02g0687200 NM_001054310 2.6 DUF581, domain of unknown function 581
Os07g0119300 NM_001065305 2.6 MYB-like family transcription factor
Os03g0564600 NM_001057032 2.6 RLK-like
Os05g0194900 NM_001061394 2.4 PFK04, phosphofructokinase 04
Os01g0975000 NM_001052095 2.4 DUF966, domain of unknown function 966
Os02g0532900 NM_001053562 2.4 GH17, glycosyl hydrolases family 17
Os05g0402900 NM_001062031 2.4 EDGP-like, xylanase inhibitor
Os01g0699100 NM_001050512 2.3 MAPKKK63
Os07g0589000 NM_001066683 2.3 LBD37-like
Os12g0113500 NM_001072509 2.3 CIPK14, calcineurin B-like interacting protein kinase 14
Os02g0585100 NM_001053799 2.3 Heavy metal associated (HMA) domain containing protein
Os08g0138200 NM_001067493 2.2 Uclacyanin 1 (UCC1)-like
Os04g0301500 NM_001058941 2.2 bHLH, basic helix-loop-helix family protein
Os02g0205500 NM_001052785 2.2 KCS11, 3-ketoacyl-CoA synthase 11
Os03g0187800 NM_001055748 2.2 PUP3-like, purine permease 3-like
Os02g0807900 NM_001054992 2.1 WAK21, cell wall associated kinase 21
Os04g0194500 NM_001058746 2.1 ABC transporter
Os01g0845000 NM_001185719 2.0 DUF668, domain of unknown function 668
Os08g0446800 NM_001068463 2.0 GDU-like, glutamine dumper-like
Os03g0124800 NC_008396 2.0 Unknown protein
  1. Total RNA extracted from 17-day-old rice seedlings grown in hydroponic solution without nitrogen (−N) or treated with 2.5 mM glutamine for 30 min (+ Gln) was used for microarray analysis. The results were derived from two biological replicates. Os08g0172900 and Os08g0138100 were annotated in the RIKEN BASE ( but not available (N.A.) in National Center for Biotechnology Information (