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Table 2 Cumulative values of transcript rates (CVTR) of selected SSH clones in susceptible Thatcher and resistant TcLr9 line

From: Pathogen-regulated genes in wheat isogenic lines differing in resistance to brown rust Puccinia triticina

Isogenic line CVTR
SSH clone Thatcher TcLr9
Wall-associated kinase JG969003 (Fig. 8a) 12.4 68.8
Wall-associated kinase JG968951 (Fig. 8b) 1.5 2.3
Receptor with leucine-rich repeat domain JG968955 (Fig. 8c) 5.0 14.3
Putative serine/threonine protein kinase JG968944 (Fig. 8d) 7.9 19.4
Calcium-mediated signaling protein JG968925 (Fig. 8e) 141.5 770.4
Rboh-like protein JG968934 (Fig. 8f) 2.2 5.6
14-3-3 protein JG968969 (Fig. 8g) 21.8 57.6